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    Welcome my name is Pastor Deshon Porter and the first lady of the church and my dearest wife Donnell Porter. Together we strive to win the lost for Jesus Christ our Lord Savior and Father. We want to encourage and bring the good news the gospel and the blessed hope, We believe in comedy and excitment in preaching. We believe Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. His work on the cross is the payment for the forgiveness of sin. We believe in the Trinity God the Father, God the Son ,and God the Holy Sprit. We believe that the Bible is the only true Word of God. We believe in prayer and anyone can hear from our Father. 

    First sermon on the radio ! 

    Realtionship with the father!! 

    The best realationship is with the Lord Jesus Christ will be aired on WEMM 107.9 FM on May 29! atv 7pm ! 

    God's way 

    We must do things God's way.

    Everyone must hear this message a word from the Lord. We need to Live God's way even vote God's way sadly our country will make the wrong choice for president. Murders put down the guns pick up the Bible help save a soul! 

    Princess The Bargain Hunter Pilot 

    The first full show!

    This is the first full show for princess the Bargain Hunter tiara buying a handbag helping her friend buy personal items getting  the best Bargain on shampoo then cooking turkey burger all on a great fun new show Princess The Bargain Hunter.

    Be Encouraged What is the Encourager Ministry Church 

    The vision 

    this is  the vision of the encourager ministry church air on WEMM FM  Sunday June 5 2016 . How did we get started? our mission how did we get our ministry training? our website how did we get our website.

    Be Encouraged Final Destination part two


    we talk about heaven in this part now the question is where is your final destination as heard on WEMM.

    Be Encouraged only Godly people can make america great again 

    Vote the bible

    What is wrong with this country? the wrong vote! Christians are not voting the right way! in 2016 either do not vote for president or write in someone you can trust.

    Be Encouraged  Final destination part one 


    We preached about Hell the place where unbelievers   will go when they die or after the great white throne judgement. the second part we will talk about heaven.  please help our ministry so that we can reach more people to Christ.


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    Add paragraph textPlease keep us in prayer for we are  now in the process of shopping the show to a networks or producers who can option our show so that they can  sell to the networka if we could get on cable that would be great. Also if we can get on. CBS  NBC  where even more people can see...
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